Sustainability information Sustainability profile Pre-contractual disclosures Periodic disclosures
Contrarian 65 SV EN EN
Alternative R5 SV EN EN
Alternative R2 SV EN EN
Aktiv Påverkan R5 SV EN EN
Aktiv Påverkan R2 SV EN EN
Dynamic R5 SV EN EN
Dynamic R2 SV EN EN


Söderberg & Partners Asset Management S.A.

This is a marketing communication, please refer to the prospectus of Söderberg & Partners Funds and to the KID of the relevant product before making any final investment decisions. The prospectus and information on investor rights are available in English, while the KID is available in both English and Swedish. All documents can be found on the Documents page.

Marketing arrangements made for the products in Luxembourg and Sweden may be terminated in the future.

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