Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture and the asset management is based on the foundation laid out in the Policy for Responsible Investments. Sustainability refers to the environment, climate, human rights, labour standards and business ethics, and is based on international norms. The purpose of our sustainability work is to impact the world for the better. Therefore, we incorporate some of the latest research conducted within sustainability and influences through dialogues with counterparties to provide solutions for a more sustainable future.

Active engagement

We want to encourage other companies and funds to be compliant with international norms and conventions and manage their business in a more sustainable manner. We will engage for positive outcomes with the ambition of aligning corporate outputs with the Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.


In the management of the funds we utilize Söderberg & Partners internally generated ESG-rating. Söderberg & Partners sustainability analysis of funds is an assessment based on self-reported information about fund and fund companies’ sustainability work. The analysis covers two perspectives: Responsible ownership and Positive selection.


To exclude companies and industries that are considered unethical has long been the most common sustainability strategy, but in practice there are more effective ways to achieve change. We do not invest in companies nor funds that do not show a willingness to comply with our implementation of the Policy for Responsible Investments or where we deem that the companies are not likely to address the problematic issues stated in the policy.

Although sustainability is an important investment strategy across all fund ranges of Söderberg & Partners, we have developed an ESG thematic fund, Aktiv Påverkan, where the main focus is on active engagement. For more information on this strategy click here.

The Company has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which is the leading international initiative for responsible investment for companies in the financial sector. Söderberg & Partners is also a member of Swesif, which is an independent and non-profit organization advocating for sustainable investment in Sweden.

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